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I have spoken (again) as Keynote Speaker at the Webcom event in Montréal the 22nd of October 2009.

The main goal of this speech was to present a case study explaining how Corbeil Electroménagers has implemented a new CEM approach and technology on their E-Commerce web site (here are the slides I presented).


Keynote introduction:

We will present how Corbeil Electroménagers launched a new innovative technology to improve the customer experience on their E-Commerce web site.

We will demonstrate how we achieved to bring a more human-like online experience, by replacing the traditional trial & errors into an empowering step-by-step guidance.

We will show how we solved the key search and navigation experience challenges at their roots: from suggesting guidance already in the search auto-completion, to helping refining and redefining the search context; from comparing similar products between manufacturers, to transferring qualified requests to the right human expert.

With this new environment, Corbeil has successfully transformed all the experience dead-ends into a continuous sequence of human-like navigation steps, each of which is only one step away from a purchase or contact action.

Finally, the continuous monitoring of the search behaviors and of the satisfaction of the customer intents enable Corbeil to continuously monitor the adaptation of their product offers and stocks status to the dynamic reality of customer demand.

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Here is an online press article written about my presentation.

I have also done a presentation about doing business in China:

Distributing your software in China: the real opportunities, the real challenges

China’s market size and growth have everything to blow the most conservative minds, but why so many international firms invest while so few succeeds?

Sylvain Paillard started Guidyu’s operations in China in 2006 and has been based in Beijing for the last 2 years as General Manager for Greater China. Mr. Paillard manages the local R&D, Sales and Administration teams and successfully secured the investment of Chinese risk capital in the company at the beginning of 2009. Guidyu has established partnerships with the biggest software companies in China and has been able to penetrate various verticals of the domestic industries: from brick and mortar industries like Banks and Telcos to innovative young Internet companies.

Mr. Paillard will visit some of the key aspects enabling a successful distribution of foreign software to and through local Chinese companies and will share some of the main challenges his company faced and how they have been overcome. He will also try to demystify some of the most bias ideas westerners frequently have about what it is to do business in mainland China.    Send article as PDF   

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