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Posted on Jan 2, 2008 by in artificial intelligence | 0 comments

I am starting this blog for several reasons, the main one being to keep track of the important ideas, thoughts and hard facts that I encounter, especially in my professional life, and to share them. I don’t pretend the content of this blog to be of any significant value except for me and possibly people close to me or interested in my field.

I will mainly write about the software field – more especially about the {en:Artificial Intelligence} domain – and will generally do so from a business perspective. My role having clearly and quickly shifted from being an engineer focusing on research to an entrepreneur focusing on business opportunities, you won’t find any information here leading to possible theoretical research breakthroughs, but much more about the appropriate way and time to apply significant research outcomes into concrete business applications.

Due to my position at Boxalino and the important confidentiality requirements related to it, I will never disclose any information which could reveal either technology or business information concerning our activities. This limitation might sometimes make the content of this blog frustrating to the reader, and I apologize for this inconvenience.

I hope that whoever will read posts on this blog will enjoy them and I welcome all your comments (which I need to systematically moderate for confidentiality reasons).

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