How AI will revolutionize the customer experience

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I spoke as Keynote Speaker at the Webcom event in Montréal the 13th of May 2009.

The main goal of this speech was to explain why technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence are going to be the key success factor to provide a positive customer experience online. The main reason I advanced is that the complexity of the task of satisfying all the different of the customer requests properly is way too high to be managed with any traditional approach.

You can find here the main content of this speech: the Presentation slides and the video of the keynote as well as an short interview I gave the same day (unfortunately, the videos are in French).

A positive customer experience can be hard to reach...

Keynote introduction:

The most significant customer experience issues take place during a customer’s interactions with your company’s web site and contact center.  Negative experiences generate frustration and result in higher costs of support, while discouraging customers to adopt your company’s products/services, sometimes definitely.
We will exemplify how most of these issues are connected with maladapted access to the most critical information of your company and the lack of unification between the different communication channels and data sources.
We will present what are the critical aspects of these issues and how they can be solved by implementing an adapted Customer Experience Strategy.

We will explore how:

  • Contextual Guidance solves the most critical search experience challenges
  • Social Profiling and Personalization shorten and enrich the exploration experience
  • Seamless intelligent escalations from the web to your contact center –  lower your costs of support and leverage the way customers interact with your company
  • 1:1 Marketing Automation increase your sales and changes the way customers perceive your brand(s) and increase conversion rates significantly.

Video of the Keynote speech:

[Not yet released, will add it as soon as it is done]

Video of the Interview I did after:    Send article as PDF   

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